Chapter 4: Journey to France

Friday 29th September 1939 (Dover) We should have made our way down to Dover by train, but there was a signalling fault on the main line, plus a broken down train just outside Carlisle (they don’t do things by half in the North) so alternative transport had to be found. Unfortunately, this turned out to […]

Chapter 3: Epley Manor

Sunday 3rd September 1939 So we are at war. We only found out when changing trains at Carlisle, though of course it wasn’t exactly a surprise. In some ways, Chamberlain’s decision is a relief – better than sitting on our hands while the Bear ravages Europe. But it still feels unreal. Thursday 7th September 1939 […]

Chapter 2: Your Country Needs You At Once

“The most important people in the Army are the Nursing Sisters and the Padres – the Sisters because they tell the men they matter to us – and the Padres because they tell the men they matter to God.” Field Marshal Montgomery. ——————– Thursday 24th August 1939 “I’m going to document this.” I said to […]

Chapter 1: An Unexpected Discovery

The storm had blown itself out by morning, though it was evident from the broken slates on the patio (which had just missed decapitating a statue of Artemis) that there had been some damage to the roof. Josh and I offered to go up into the attic to check, and Lydia reluctantly agreed. Lydia is […]


Hello, and welcome to this companion blog to Sarah’s comic strip ‘Vanessa’s War:The Wartime Adventures of Lady Vanessa Montague’ (also known as ‘Under a Red Cross’ and accessible at My name is Jane, and I’m Sarah’s partner. By day, I’m a (fairly!) respectable civil servant, but I’ve always wanted to write. And so, with […]